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Doctor Who is Back!

I'm going to start adding to this blog to document everything that gets done at Arcadia.

Today I put Doctor Who back in Arcadia, after a complete tear down and rebuild with new LED's, rubbers, rebuilt flippers, and even a new Time Expander motor. The original motor was starting to struggle to raise the Time Expander. Needless to say, it's playing like new and worth a visit if you're a fan of the game.

I also removed the driver board from Slugfest. It appears to have a burned up connector where the AC goes into the board. I'll fix that tomorrow and get it back online.

Oh, I also repaired the South Park machine! As is typical with Sega/Data East machines, something just broke in half on it - Kenny! The little doll in the back right corner of the playfield just cracked in half. So I found one on the internet and ordered it....and it came in today! Took about an hour to get the assembly removed and taken apart for replacement, but I got her done! And put LED bulbs inside Kenny while I was at it. Now he lights up very nicely.

I also repaired the coin switch on Super Mario Bros pinball at Pinball Paradise. Sorry if you are one of the customers who lost a quarter in that game. It amazes me how junky coin switches are. You would think they could build a coin switch that could work for a long time, but these newer coin switches are expensive (like over $10 each) and they fail at an alarming frequency.

Also, you might notice that Whitewater has been completely shopped and LED'ed! Well, actually I shopped a different Whitewater, but it turned out to have such a nice (nicer) playfield than the one in Pinball Paradise, that I just took the playfield over and swapped them. You should definitely come check it out - it plays a lot better than the previous one. Not sure why, but it does. Also rebuilt the flippers.

I also fixed the Game Show pinball - just a blown 2.5 amp fuse. It seems to blow every couple months...not sure why. Probably a coil that is starting to short out. For now we'll just keep replacing the fuse until we can identify the bad coil.

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John Yates
John Yates
Mar 21, 2018

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