The best way to learn or confirm our hours is to visit our Facebook page.  Although we attempt to keep all 10 or more social platforms updated, we sometimes miss something.  But Facebook is always up to date with any special open times.

You can count on us always being open to the public during the hours in the title bar above.  Other hours are detailed below


SUMMER HOURS (summer defined by when local schools are on summer break):

Monday through Thursday 10am to 8pm

Friday 10am to 9pm

Saturday 9am to 9pm

Sunday noon to 8pm

NON-SUMMER HOURS (summer defined by when local schools are on summer break):

Monday through Thursday by appointment - call or text 309-287-1725

Friday 5pm to 9pm

Saturday 9am to 9pm

Sunday 12:30pm to 8pm

HOLIDAY HOURS (any time local kids are out of school):

Monday through Thursday 10am to 8pm

Friday 10am to 9pm

Saturday 9am to 9pm

Sunday 12:30pm to 8pm 

These special holiday openings would be best confirmed on Facebook just to be safe.


We will happily schedule a special opening for any group for almost any reason.  Just contact us any way and we will put you on our calendar. Phone/text to John at 309-287-1725, email to vintagevideogames.com@gmail.com, message through facebook page or this website's contact page, talk to John in person, etc.

We have added a nice, large party room to Arcadia with the 2019 expansion.  If you don't need a whole room, you can still just have a party using the seating area in the front of Arcadia.  There is some limited seating, a coffee table, and also a folding table that can be set up if you need extra table space.  (Table tucked between Burgertime and Target Alpha).

THERE IS CURRENTLY NO COST TO HAVE YOUR PARTY AT ARCADIA.  We are happy to host your party for free.  The guests will simply need to pay to play the games, as always.  We are unable to have "free play" parties for a fee, simply because of the difficulty (impossibility in some cases) of changing all of the games over to free play for a party.


At the moment we do not offer any food or drink for sale at Arcadia.  We are planning a restaurant in our future, but it is still years off.  If you are interested in partnering with us to help us start a restaurant, please contact us.

For now, however, you are welcome to bring food and drink into the museum as long as you clean up any messes that are made.  We do have a candy machine and soda machine on the porch next to Pinball Paradise.

Other restaurants nearby include McDonald's, Subway, Road Ranger (good pizza) and the Dixie Family Restaurant, all within about 3 blocks of Arcadia.  In nearby Atlanta, just 5 miles south on I-55, there is the Palms Grille Cafe (highly recommended food) and the Country Aire Restaurant (great service, huge inexpensive menu, pretty good food).  There is also a new Casey's in Atlanta that serves sandwiches, pizza, and doughnuts.


We do not serve alcohol.  Also, because our mission is to be a completely family-friendly place, we discourage visitors from bringing alcohol into Arcadia.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

However, if you want to have a private party where you bring in alcohol, we are fine with this, provided that it is scheduled outside of our normal hours.