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Arcadia Service

We have been receiving calls for decades from game

owners in desperate need of service on their games. 

We do all of our own service work to keep our hundreds

of games playing, but until recently, we were just too

busy to offer service work on others' games. 

In 2022, we decided to offer in-home game repair

services, at least for now.  We can repair almost any

arcade video game or pinball machine, but do get

stumped on occasion.  

In the rare case that we are unable to fix your game(s),

we should at least be able to point you in the right

direction for further help.

2024 RATES

We charge $95 per hour plus parts, with a 1 hour minimum, plus $1 per mile one-way from our shop in McLean, IL.  Jeff is our mobile technician, and John is our shop technician.  Most repairs can be made in your home, but on some rare occasions we find it is best to bring your game to our shop for service.


If you have a game(s) that needs service, the best way to get started is to email us at with your name, address, and phone, and then list each game with the symptom(s) if known. We will then contact you to schedule a service call. If you cannot email, you can call (309) 287-1725.  

Will we do a restoration / shop job on

your pinball machine?

Yes, we are willing to do this, but it will be at our

hourly service rate.  So expect it to cost several 

hundred dollars minimum.

Do we work on Jukeboxes? Slot Machines? Darts?

Well, we do not really have expertise in working on

any of these things.  We do tinker with them from

time to time and sometimes get lucky. If you are

willing to pay us our regular service rate with

no guarantee of success, we will come and try

monkeying with yours.  It's your risk, but if you

have tried everything else and have plenty of

money and don't mind the risk, go ahead and

give us a try.  LOL.


Also, we are always interested in buying arcade

games and pinball machines, working or not. So

let us know if you would like to sell your game(s).  

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