Arcadia: America's Playable Arcade Museum


Arcadia is our flagship location, opened in the fall of 2009.  This awesome retro arcade was conceived, designed, remodeled, and stocked by our founder, John Yates, as a way to cope with the failure of his most recent Internet Startup.  John decided to channel his energy and enthusiasm into something that he knew he could finish successfully.  After nine months of incessant work, Arcadia was born. 

Arcadia gets new games rotated in regularly from our collection of over 1500 games.  In fact we have rotated several hundred different games through Arcade since 2009.  Right now, our focus is to display the most memorable, entertaining pinballs and videogames from the 80s and 90s.  We opened our sister arcade, Pinball Paradise across the street in 2016.  Then we added more space and a party room to Arcadia in 2019. We currently have room for around 100 games (plus 35 in Pinball Paradise).  Here is a list of our current titles in Arcadia:

Pinball Machines

NEW!  Terminator 2

NEW!  Judge Dredd

NEW!  Star Trek: Next Generation

NEW!  Police Force

Twilight Zone

The Addams Family

Revenge From Mars

The Getaway: High Speed II

Cue Ball Wizard

Doctor Who

Gilligan's Island

Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. Mushroom World


Captain Fantastic

Target Alpha  

Video Games


NEW!  Spy Hunter sitdown

NEW!  Ferrari F355 Challenge

NEW!  Big Buck World HD

NEW!  Super GT (moving)

NEW!  Touring Car Championship

Target Terror: Force

Ghost Squad: Evolution

Primeval Hunt

Afterburner: Climax

Omega Race sitdown

Aliens Extermination

Ninja Assault

Super Hang-On sitdown

Gunblade NY

Dance Dance Revolution Solo 2000

Speed Up sitdown

Chase H.Q. 2 sitdown

STUNN Runner sitdown



Missile Command


NEW!  Crazy Taxi High Roller

Space Invaders

Robotron 2084

Bubble Bobble

NEW!  Victory Road


NEW!  Super Off Road w/ Track Pack

NEW!  Dragon Blaze

Wizard of Wor

Rhythm Tengoku





Pac Man

Ms. Pac Man



vs. Super Mario Bros

NEW!  vs. Castlevania 

Donkey Kong

NEW!  Donkey Kong 3 (cocktail)



Pac Man plus (multigame)

Star Wars (original)

Star Wars Trilogy


Terminator 2

Point Blank 2 (european version)

18 Wheeler

Wild Riders

Crazy Taxi

Jambo Safari

The Simpsons

Super Sprint

Asteroids Deluxe

Xevious (multigame)

Circus Charlie

Cruisin Exotica

Mortal Kombat II

Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting

Race Drivin'

Time Crisis (Japanese Version cabinet)

Oddball / Other Games

NEW!  Billibob's Jamboree (ferris wheel kid ride)

NEW!  Jett Rider (video roller coaster kid ride)

NEW!  Touch Tunes jukebox with dance lights

Love Tester

Zeke's Peak


Hot Shot Basketball

The Irritating Maze

Wurlitzer Jukebox with 70s/80s songs