In late 2016, we opened our first big expansion to the Arcadia

concept: Pinball Paradise.  Housed in a beautiful, historic,

restored bank building designed by world famous architect,

Arthur Pillsbury, Pinball Paradise has a similar feel to Arcadia's

main building. 

Inside, you will find over 25 lovingly restored pinball machines

from the 1960s through the 2000s.  You will also find a handful of

classic video games tucked into places where we couldn't fit a

pinball. And in addition, we have a rare, professional quality

Italian Foosball table made by FAS.  New games are

rotated in and out regularly. Below is a list of our current titles.

Pinball Machines

Revenge From Mars

Super Mario Bros.

Rocky & Bullwinkle


Bad Cats


The Machine: Bride of Pinbot

Demolition Man

Flip Flop

Target Alpha

Disco Fever

Black Knight 2000

Theatre of Magic

Mystery Castle

Road Show


The Shadow


The Bally Game Show

Pool Sharks

Dr. Dude

Super Score

Space Mission

Captain Fantastic



Soccer (Williams)

Sky Line

Video Games

Track & Field (button version)


Ms. Pac Man

Video Pinball

Mini multigame for kids

Also, a vintage 45rpm Bubbler

jukebox for 25 cents per song!

....And here is that rare

Italian Foosball table.













Pinball machines: Star Race, Whitewate, Road Show, The Shadow, Mystery Castle, Voltan