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As if we didn't have enough irons in the fire, we have

decided to add another facet of the Amusement business

to our plate.  Welcome to Arcadia Auctions! 

Back in the early days of the video arcade, amusement

auctions were everywhere.  There were so many arcades,

amusement operators, street locations, manufacturers,

distributors, and others in the industry that those involved

needed a quick and easy way to get rid of amusement

equipment that was no longer earning well and acquire

new equipment that might.  Amusement auctions met that

need.  Around the midwest, there was an auction within

driving distance at least monthly.  At their peak, there would

be over 1000 games at an average auction, and the auction

would go from 10am to well into the early morning hours

the next day! 

Well, now that the game industry has shrunk to a tiny fraction of what it once was, amusement auctions have all but entirely disappeared.  But they have not been forgotten. Some of our best memories are from these past auctions.  This has left us not only missing the fun of buying and selling at auction, but left us with fewer means of buying and selling large quantities of arcade games. 

Hence, Arcadia Auctions was born in 2022!  We have partnered with HiBid to start selling our excess inventory over the next several years.  It is our desire to expand Arcadia Auctions to include items consigned from other local collectors, operators, and distributors eventually.  But at the moment we are only selling our own inventory in order to build up the auction, reduce our excess stock, and raise the money we need for our ambitious future arcade expansion plans.

We plan to have 4 auctions per year, each with at least 75 games.  We will also be selling arcade related stuff like monitors, PCBs, cabinets, marquees, bezels, manuals, etc.  We will also sell miscellaneous coin operated stuff and collectibles and, well frankly any other junk we have taking up space in our buildings that we need to get rid of. There will be some oddities for sure.  Unfortunately, arcade games are not the only thing that our founder has hoarded over the last 35 years.  And it needs to go.

If you want to sell any of your stuff at one of our auctions in the future, please contact John at  

Here is a link to our Auctions on HiBid



Auction #4:

We have FINALLY gotten this thing underway.  I'm sorry about the delay. We kept getting pulled off it.  Also, I'm sorry there is only one pinball machine in this sale.  I kept getting other pinballs ready and people would come along and buy them out from under the auction.  I will try hard to have more in the next one.  Here's the timing:

Bidding starts September 3rd

Bidding ends September 16th

Pickup will be the ending date noon to 6pm, the following monday 9am to 5pm, or by appointment until three weeks after the ending date.

Auction #5 (tentative):

Bidding starts November 25th

Bidding ends December 9th

Pickup will be the ending date noon to 6pm, the following monday 9am to 5pm, or by appointment until three weeks after the ending date.

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