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The original Hotel Arcadia is an awesome modern-design,

newly remodeled apartment in a historic downtown building

with a 70" HD TV/gaming setup, fun kids loft, pinball machine

and four arcade games on free play. This is a companion

lodging to the world-class Arcade Museum literally next door.



We promise that you will never find another place like this.

It was designed and remodeled in 2015 to be a companion

lodging for visitors to Arcadia: America's Playable Arcade

Museum, which is literally next door. We put the same

passion and effort into this place as we did the museum.



You enter a large front room with a free real arcade game, a huge 70" Internet-connected HD TV, comfy sleeper couch, and dining / laptop area. Doors in the rear access a nice full bathroom and the unique rear section of the apartment.

The rear section has a beautiful kitchen with stone tile counter, 12' ceiling, exposed brick wall, and a modern spiral staircase to a kids' loft. The kids' loft has a couch that can fold out to sleep two kids (sheets/pillows provided), a 50" HD TV for streaming movies, TV, and playing games.

Next to the kitchen there is an awesome game

room with 3 authentic arcade videogame

cabinets that will allow visitors to play over 600

classic games for FREE. There is also the #1

ranked Addams Family pinball machine

available for 25 cents per play (just to limit the

wear and tear on this valuable item).

Wood / tile floors throughout; new modern

furniture; beautiful view of the large city park

directly across the street in front. This place is

truly unique. Note: Hotel Arcadia will

accommodate 6 people, but keep in mind that

there is just one full sized bed. The other two

sleeping areas are a full-sized sleeper couch,

in the same front room as the full sized bed,

and a smaller kids' sized sleeper couch in the

loft. 6 adults would really be uncomfortable

sleeping here.  The loft bed would only be 

comfortable for kids or people under about 5'4".



Guests have full exclusive access to the entire apartment.

It has four real full-sized arcade games that are on free

play. All contain multiple games, so you can choose from

over 800 game titles.

The apartment also has the #1 rated pinball: Bally's The

Addams Family. Although it is not on free play, it is set

at only one quarter per play (to limit wear and tear).

Guests will have access to Arcadia: America's Playable

Arcade Museum, which is right next door, during their

stay. Regardless of Arcadia's regular, normal hours, upon

request we will have Arcadia open until 11pm any night

when there is a guest staying at Hotel Arcadia. We will

reopen Arcadia again in the morning until 5pm the next






Arcadia has over 70 classic and

modern arcade games that are

playable for 25 or 50 cents.

Visitors have traveled from all

over the world to experience

Arcadia, now in its ninth successful

year of operation. We have two

major expansions of Arcadia

planned in 2018. They will also be

available to guests after their

grand openings.

These include the Game

Dungeon and a doubling of

Arcadia's space.  The Game

Dungeon is located beneath

Pinball Paradise, and will

contain mostly spooky genre

games, such as Dracula,

Frankenstein, and Vampire

pinballs, and videogames like

Zombie Revenge, House of

the Dead, and Satan's Hollow. 

While still "family-friendly,"

this attraction will be best for

parents and older children

due to the graphics on these



There is little necessary interaction between myself and the guests. Guests will receive a unique code to open the front door and will find the place ready for their enjoyment. Guests can easily contact me at anytime by phone, text, or email. I will be available anytime for emergencies or other help. I work 100 yards from Hotel Arcadia, and live about 8 minutes away.

Other things to note

McLean is a very safe, friendly town. Be prepared to be greeted by strangers on

the sidewalk. It's a nice town to go for an evening stroll. You can leave your car

unlocked and your windows down without fear of harm. Think Mayberry.


101 S. Hamilton St.

McLean, IL  61754

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