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We are open with reduced hours during the COVID 19 ERA. Here are the details:

Current Hours:

Fri 10am to 9pm

Sat 10am to 9pm

Here are our COVID 19 guidelines:

- Masks must be worn by everyone by the Governor's Mandate.

- Please bring your own sanitizer / wipes, and feel free to wipe games before and/or after use. We will try to have them available but can't promise that we will have them.

- Please maintain social distance with those outside your family.

- No food and drink in the arcade, but you can bring food to the party room as long as it stays in the party room and you clean up any messes.

- If you are sick, do not come.

- Please only come if you feel comfortable with the situation.

If you arrive and the main arcade seems too busy for you, try going to Pinball Paradise first (in the bank building across the street). It has usually been less busy in the past.

To help us spread out the number of customers better, consider coming at an "off time." The busiest times for the arcade in the past were Saturday afternoons. So consider coming in the morning - we are usually dead at that time.  To be honest, we are very rarely busy in the COVID era.  

We will be cleaning the games every day and throughout the day.

We will be taking this one day or week at a time and may adapt these rules as well as our open days / hours if things change or if the Governor dictates any new decrees.

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