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THE BASICS:   (MORE INFO)           

* No Admission Fee                                  * Games operate on Quarters (half are still just 25 cents)

* Family friendly                                       * We have change machines


Arcadia's mission is to provide a place for families to bond while experiencing the 

near-forgotten excitement of a real game arcade.  We have replicated the closest 

thing to a real, old-fashioned arcade as possible so that you can show your kids

the magic you experienced in an arcade.  No ticket machines, no wristbands, 

no cashless card scanners....just a change machine and a pocketful of quarters,

each unlocking a new world of fantasy and delight.  

It is our intention to build an arcade mecca here in McLean, IL, one attraction at a

time.  To that end, we currently offer three buildings full of arcade games, and three

arcade-themed hotel suites.  Whether you're just looking to kill an hour

enjoyably, or want to absorb yourself in classic arcade gaming and pinball for

a weekend, Arcadia is the place to visit.   We have big plans for the future.  Follow us on Facebook to get updates on new buildings and games as we add them.

Check out our Party Info page from the menu if you're interested in having a party of

any kind at Arcadia.  We have a nice party room.  There is currently NO cost

to have your party at Arcadia (other than the cost of playing the games).



107 S. Hamilton St.

McLean, IL  61754





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